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We walk and train dogs daily.

Lofty Dogs provides walking and training services for dogs living in communal settings like condos, apartments — and lofts!  Our current "turfs" are Lowertown St. Paul and Calhoun/South Minneapolis, but we are able to accommodate some requests from single family homes as well.

We offer midday pack walks every weekday.  Group walks and socialization nurture well-behaved dog communities within your building, and happy, healthy dogs within your home.  We train each dog to work with the pack so that they all function as a cohesive team.  The dogs are challenged physically and mentally each day, and are rewarded with ample opportunities to enjoy nature, fresh air, exercise and lots of socialization — with passersby and other canine friends.  Every day is a unique experience.

We also offer in-home behavioral consultations.  These informative sessions will literally transform your dog's behavior and your lifelong relationship.

Reach out — we'd love to meet you and your pooch!

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