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Behavioral Consultations

Behavior consults will address any training, behavioral or relationship concerns you have with your dog.  All dogs are capable of good behavior; they just need to be shown and told what is acceptable and what is not.  This requires effective, consistent communication and an understanding of the base issues at hand.


When you enlist the help of Lofty Dogs, you receive helpful, proven methods to transform your lifelong relationship with your dog -- with guaranteed results.  Your dog will respect you more, you will understand each other's communication better, and anxiety levels will lessen full circle.  All dogs are able to shift their behaviors and temperament.  Let us show you how.

Mike Meyer, owner of Lofty Dogs, will come to your home to lead the sessions and ensure you are more comfortable and confident in handling your dog in and out of the home.  You may ask any questions you like and Mike will offer guidance and direction.  He will bring a handmade specially designed leash you may keep for your practice and use on walks.  Consult appointments are preceded by a brief phone call to assess your needs.


>> One two-hour session in and around your home = $120

>> Two sessions (first 60-75 minutes, second 45-60 minutes) in and around your home, spaced by one to two weeks, providing you opportunity to practice between sessions.  The first session introduces necessary communication and training tactics to achieve desired solutions.  The second affords you the chance to seek follow-up advice, see further demonstration, and be reminded of key handling techniques.  = $160

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