Group Dog Walking

Dogs thrive in a pack setting and love the chance to socialize in a healthy, structured way.  When given proper confident instruction, they can relax and just enjoy the ride!  Our handling skills and method of communication take the guessing work out of the equation for the dogs, so they behave and perform well, relying on the alpha (in this case the handler!) for queues and direction.  We keep things safe and interactive, stimulating the dogs mentally and physically.  They receive plenty of emotional stimulation too - in the form of positive reinforcement and love from the handlers.

Daily walks are 60-90 minutes and typically take place in St. Paul along the Mississippi River.  Minneapolis dogs are picked up and driven to Lowertown to start the walk.  Dogs come to us in various stages of life and behavioral development.  All are welcome, provided they can walk 3 miles with the pack!

Daily Fee: $20-28 depending on frequency and location

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Uptown & South Mpls | Lowertown St. Paul, MN

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