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Mike and Travis walk packs of 8-12 dogs every weekday in the Twin Cities.  Mike has been handling dogs for over 5 years.  Travis completed extensive training with Mike and has been a Pack Leader for over a year.

The Lofty Dogs Team

Mike Meyer

Owner & Dog Behaviorist


Pack Leader

Dog behaviorist Mike Meyer has worked extensively and exclusively with dogs for over 5 years.  He started Lofty Dogs in 2015 so more dogs could experience what nature intended -- for dogs to interact and work together in packs.  Introducing more structure to a dog's walking routine inspires better, more consistent behavior.  It is our intention to help dogs navigate how to become better citizens of our multifaceted world.

Safety for our dogs, our clients and our handlers is a top priority.  Lofty Dogs is licensed, insured and bonded.

The Lofty Dogs Scoop

Our Team
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