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Pet Hotel

For dogs too old or small to walk with the pack, we offer midday weekday potty breaks.

Frustrated with your dog's behaviors?  Learn how to better understand and communicate with each other!

We offer midday weekday walks year round.  Dogs are typically walked in groups of 8-12.

Pack Walks

Potty Breaks

Behavior Consultations

Lofty Dogs offers reliable, safe, proven solutions for you and your beloved canine friend.  Our capable, highly trained staff provides flexible, affordable services so you can rest assured your dog is cared for in a positive, loving way.  You'll find our methods work consistently for all dogs, regardless of age or breed.  Dogs want to behave well; they just need to be shown and told in an effective way how to do so!  We are here to help.

We Love Our Dogs and What We Do!

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